Broadleaf Tree Surgery are a Kent based company and are well established. The majority of their leads come through their website. 

Broadleaf were consistently ranking number one on Google for people looking for a tree surgeon in Kent. 

Unfortunately, all the hard work of ranking them would come to nothing because their website wasn’t great and when Google updated it was clear that this was going to cause a problem. They dropped off of page one and with their regular leads.

The pressure was on to re-build them a new website to limit the impact on their business. Losing their ranking position was causing them to lose a lot of business.

We managed to re-create a new website within 4 weeks and within one month of launching the new website we managed to get them moving back up on to page one. It took a further month to get them back to the first or second position on Google.

The client could not have been much happier with the result. They are still retaining their ranking and continuing to receive regular leads.