“My name is John Bullock I have started a new business after selling my former business in 2018. I am experienced in dealing with Web designers, SEO and marketing people to help sell my services.

Ian Reynolds of Brightvue is my trusted go to person for all of the above. His work and experience is exemplary. I would go as far as saying that his creative ideas, his values and his experience in producing an excellent product makes him an exceptional member of any value supply chain. I would not work without him.”

Project Goals

John from Painpoint engaged with us as he was looking to create an online training portal to help push his coaching services. John was using another online training system that was not only costing the earth but was tricky to use.

Our Solution

We setup a new website on WordPress and implemented a much more cost effective solution for the online course system. We migrated all of his courses material across to the new website and provided some training to get things up and running as they were before the move. We integrated a full online course system that allowed users to sign up to free and paid content. The course system behind the scenes is very user friendly and easy to navigate.


John was very happy with the result and not only is he saving a bit of money but he has now invested in a solution that he own’s. It’s his digital asset that he’s invested in and will help his online business develop.