We started working with Rojers Jewellery a couple of years ago now, and at first, they were a bit apprehensive about having their website re-built due to the fact that they were ranking at number one on Google for Jewellers Wirral and we didn’t want to damage their SEO by re-building their website.

We wanted to capture their brand, vision and ethos that they have within the business. Taking into account they were a small business; we could see the potential of turning their website into an e-commerce website allowing them to sell their jewellery online.

The main objective was to give their new website a more modern look but at the same time, represent the old-school skills still taking place in the workshop. We had our photographer visit their shop to capture the workshop, Roger and Lisa and the fantastic range of jewellery that is created on-site.

The new website never affected their SEO and only made it stronger by allowing them to target some keywords which they were not ranking on Google for.