We had the pleasure of working with United Automation to help improve conversions via the website. They are an international company selling manufacturing goods around the globe but their website didn’t really show them as being international players. The website wasn’t really converting and as an e-commerce website it wasn’t making many online sales.

When Brightvue came on board we analysed their existing website and any statistics to see what was going wrong. We realised that a lot of the information was disjointed and the customer journey through the website wasn’t clear. The online shop was confusing and the check out process wasn’t a smooth transition.

We went about re-designing the website so that it had clearly defined sections allowing a customer to locate what it was they were looking for easily. One of the main reasons for people visiting the site was to buy products so we wanted to ensure that it was clearly sign posted with the addition of a product search box in the main banner. We wanted to utilise all of the space available without overwhelming the viewer with content so we were very careful with what content we placed above the fold.

We think we hit the mark with this site. Not only is i functional and conversion focused but we think it looks good as well. We have had great feedback from the client and their customers who find it very easy to use on both desktop and mobile devices.

united-automation-before united-automation-after